“A Drop of Water” – new documentary focusing on the severe drought in Africa

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A 90-minute documentary filmed by Turkish director Suat Emuce centers on three African kids, who live an underprivileged life, struggling against a lack of healthy, drinkable water. It presents the audience with the harrowing struggle of these three small human beings in search for clear water, the essential requirement for survival. Emuce said he has chosen four countries to be …

10 Cases of Appropriate Technology 

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The Hippo Roller is frequently cited as an example of Appropriate Technology (AP), as is the case in this article. According to Wikipedia AP is “an ideological movement encompassing technological choice and application that is small-scale, decentralized, labor-intensive, energy-efficient, environmentally sound, and locally autonomous.”  It’s worth quoting the full description of the Hippo Roller in this article: “In some African …