Social Investment

Helping communities improve access to water with the Hippo Roller is a proven way to fulfill social responsibility objectives.

Our Corporate Partners include:

  • Non-Governmental

    Small, medium & large NGO’s and development stakeholders involved in health, water, sanitation, food security and social or small enterprise development.

  • Corporate Investment

    CSI/CSR alliances with a focus on assisting communities neighbouring their operations and building public relations with their consumers.

  • Governments

    Governments, local and national, who use the Hippo Roller as a tool for areas that lack water supply infrastructure or for disaster management emergencies.

  • Marketing Campaigns

    Branding and advertising campaigns through the inclusion of individual colours and logos for promotions and image building.

Give Water

Give any amount to purchase Hippo Rollers for those who cannot afford it. You can make a difference to a family struggling to get water.

We Offer these Giving options:

  • General Donations

    Every donation improves access to water for communities who do not have safe drinking water readily available.

  • Join the Crowd

    You don’t have to create a fundraiser to be part of the crowd! Make a donation toward a crowdfunding campaign.

  • Social Giving

    By sharing the Hippo Roller with your friends, you will indirectly give water at some stage:

  • US 501(c)(3) Donations

    This is where you can place additional information on key points about the position, keeping things shorter if possible.

Share the Hippo Roller

Fundraising Campaigns

Easily create a personal or corporate crowdfunding campaign to get Hippo Rollers to specific water-stressed communities.

Hippo Roller Crowdfunding:

  • Recent Campaigns

    From May – August 2016 we were able to send dozens of Hippo Rollers to communities in Africa and other parts of the world.

  • 100 Hippo Rollers for Haiti

    Within these 3 months 16 fundraisers and 310 donors raised $18,643 on our own crowdfunding platform GIVE WATER!

  • Haiti Campaign on Indiegogo

    We allocated the bulk of the donations toward our new Haiti campaign on Indiegogo – kick-starting the campaign with 100x Hippo Rollers. We aim to ship 200x Hippo Rollers to Haiti.

  • Let’s help Haiti !

    So date enough money has been raised for 100 Hippo Rollers to be shipped to Haiti. Help us to fundraise for another 100 and ship a 20 ft. container packed with 200 Hippo Rollers in total.

Hippo Roller Store

By supporting the Hippo Roller Store you help our project to grow and improve access to water for more people worldwide.

We ship Hippo Rollers worldwide:

  • Price & Shipping

    The price of the Hippo Roller is $125.00. A shipping fee is indicated under each zone and added to the price.

  • Secure Payments

    We accept credit card payments in USD through PayGate, a certified global payment gateway service.

  • Tracking & Support

    We provide you with a tracking number and documentation for every item and support you throughout the process.

  • Customs Duties

    PLEASE NOTE: The shipping fee excludes customs duties which are payable by the recipient to the local customs authorities.