Corporate Social Investment

Help communities improve access to water with the Hippo Roller, a proven way to change lives and fulfill social responsibility objectives.

Become a Hippo Roller partner

  • Business

    Corporate alliances (CSI/CSR) with a focus on assisting communities neighbouring their operations and building public relations with their consumers.

  • NGO’s

    Small, medium & large NGO’s and development stakeholders involved in health, water, sanitation, food security and social or small enterprise development.

  • Governments

    Governments, local and national, who use the Hippo Roller as a tool for areas that lack water supply infrastructure or for disaster management emergencies.

Community Fundraising

Start a fundraising campaign to supply Hippo Rollers to communities, an effective way of rallying support for your social ambitions.

Join the Hippo Roller crowd

  • Personal Fundraiser

    It will only take you a few minutes to create a personal fundraising page. Add a picture, set a goal and end date, and write a short appeal. Easily share your page via email and social media.

  • Community Campaigns

    When creating a personal page, you may opt to join a team page for a specific community. The donations to your page will be allocated to the community you selected.

Individual Contributions

Contribute to improve access to water with Hippo Rollers, with the assurance that your contribution has maximum impact.

Fund the supply of Hippo Rollers

  • Give Hippo Rollers

    Your full contribution is used to purchase and distribute Hippo Rollers to water-stressed communities.

  • US Tax-Free Donation

    Make a US 501(c)(3) donation (Minimum of $500) through our partnership with CAF America. Donate Tax Free