Social Investment

Help communities improve access to water with the Hippo Roller, a proven way to change lives and fulfill social responsibility objectives.

Our Partners include:

  • Business

    CSI/CSR alliances with a focus on assisting communities neighbouring their operations and building public relations with their consumers.

  • NGO’s

    Small, medium & large NGO’s and development stakeholders involved in health, water, sanitation, food security and social or small enterprise development.

  • Governments

    Governments, local and national, who use the Hippo Roller as a tool for areas that lack water supply infrastructure or for disaster management emergencies.

Community Fundraising

Start a fundraising campaign to supply Hippo Rollers to communities, an effective way of rallying support for your social ambitions.

We offer these options:

  • #Haiti #HippoRoller

    Visit the Haiti campaign on Indiegogo and get involved in our efforts to ship 200x Hippo Rollers to Haiti!

    Please take note:

    We are currently building a new community fundraising platform to be launched in September 2016.

Donate #GiveWater

Donate to improve community access to water with the assurance that your contribution has maximum impact.

We Offer these Giving options:

  • General Donations

    Every donation improves access to water for communities who do not have safe drinking water readily available.

  • Join the Crowd

    You don’t have to create a fundraiser to be part of the crowd! Make a donation toward a crowdfunding campaign.

  • US 501(c)(3) Donations

    Make US Tax-deductible donations of $500 or more through our partnership with CAF America.

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