Hipporoller Race – Womens Day 2013

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The Hippo Water Roller Project celebrated Women’s Day 2013 on Friday, August 09 at the Pretoria Botanical Gardens with Dads-in-the-Picture, and the Emperors Motorcycle Club. We hosted a few races using standard buckets and Hippo Water Rollers (pink rollers in support of Women’s day). The race comprised participants to fill buckets of water at point A, and run to point …

Water for Thought: Life-Changing Design – About the Exhibition

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This is a video from the Water for Thought: Life-Changing Design exhibition held in London from 25 January to 23 March 2013. The Hippo water roller is shown at 50 sec. and 1min 50 sec. Some of the World’s most innovative product designs for accessing, transporting or purifying water in developing countries are on show at the Roca London Gallery. …

Growing Tomorrow – SABC TV show featuring the Hippo Water Roller

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The Hippo water roller featured in 2012 by the daily SABC2 TV rural development show, Growing Tomorrow. Introduction and overview of the benefits of the roller given by Grant Gibbs, Project Leader of the Hippo Water Roller Project. Interviews with users of the Hippo roller from the remote rural community of Marapyane in Mpumalanga, South Africa, provide useful user feedback.

CBS Philly – 3-On Your Side: Inexpensive Inventions

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The Hipporoller was featured with two other “inexpensive inventions” on CBS Philly a CBS Local News channel in Philadelphia, USA – January 2012. “We’re all looking for products that make our lives easier. But in some parts of the world the simplest of tools have the potential to save lives as well”, Jim Donovan reports.

Green Machines: Hippo Roller

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How can one rolling bucket transform a child’s future? In many parts of the world women and children spend hours every day collecting water, missing out on school or work. Hippo Water Roller’s robust local made design allows one person to transport four days of water (90 litres) in one trip with a minimum of strain. Design: Pettie Petzer, Johan …

Hippo Tears Video

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This video is the product of a previous relationship with Hippo Water International, with which the Hippo Water Roller Project is no longer associated. This brilliant 2-minute video clip, filmed in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, was produced by Peter Macomber from LA, USA. Visit his website: www.serumlab.com.