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Radio interview with Hippo Roller on Classic FM South Africa – Classic Lifestyle 2 February 2016

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Classic Lifestyle is a radio programme on Classic FM 102.7 (South Africa) hosted by Tamara LePine-Williams. Tamara interviewed Grant Gibbs, Hippo Roller Executive Director and Darren Smith, responsible for Media and Donor and Engagement on 2 February 2017. The warm 13 minute discussion covers the Hippo Roller innovation and its benefits, its durability and environmental impact and how it is financed …

At last! Disabled man in remote KZN village receives a Hippo Roller to collect and store water

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Earlier this year we were approached by Water Shortage SA to help an elderly gentleman who was struggling with water access. 59 year old Simon Chonco, who lives an isolated life in Egogweni, KwaZulu Natal had to tie a 20 litre container to his crutches with wire and walk an hour to a river to collect water. Living alone and …


Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Research Report – Hippo Roller 2016

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Abstract: Since the establishment of the Hippo Water Roller Project in 1994, the company has continued to provide an appropriate portable water solution for economically poor communities across Africa. Leveraging its relationships with sponsors, corporate partners, and NGOs, the Hippo Water Roller Project has established itself as a sustainable initiative that provides African communities with an immediate and winning water …