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Hippo Roller makes it extremely easy to collect water in tough rural conditions - up to 5x more water than a single bucket, by simply rolling it along the ground.

The Hippo Roller is very user friendly for women, children and physically weak as it makes the transportation of water much less strenuous than traditional methods. 

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Changing lives...

According to the United Nations, 2.1 billion people live without access to safe water in their homes. The statistics on access to water does not reflect the reality on the ground, where many people struggle to live a dignified life.

Millions of women and children walk up to 6 hours a day to collect water with heavy 20l / 5gal buckets, balanced on their heads.

Immediate impact!

While the Hippo Roller is not a permanent water solution, it does offer an immediate and appropriate response to the issues surrounding water access and food security.

The benefits enjoyed by the users are experienced immediately unlike many projects that require extensive time and money before results are seen. Improved health and hygiene due to improved access to water results in higher levels of energy for increased productivity, which improves morale and personal dignity.

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Help communities improve access to water with the Hippo Roller, a proven way to fulfil corporate social responsibility objectives.

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Start a fundraising page for your community or support existing campaigns for specific water-stressed communities.



Donate to improve access to water with Hippo Rollers, with the assurance that your contribution has maximum impact.

“The introduction of Hippo rollers in WFP supported primary schools significantly reduced the daily burden on women and children…”UN World Food Program

Hippo Rollers

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Billion Litres Water
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Based on a duration of at least 5 years, one roller shared by at least two households, up to 7 members per household, walking 6 km per day.

Improving access to has never been this easy.

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