FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge 2017 / 2018 – Solving a water problem

Teams of children located all over the world are all participating in the 2017/18 FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge. This year’s challenge is to choose and solve a real world problem related to water.

During research many of the teams came across Hippo Roller as a solution and wrote in for information, advice and to get feedback on their ideas. It has been wonderful to see the creativity that has been flowing in these young minds and the solutions that they have come up with.

The 3 Creeks Robotics 3CR Team has even started their own crowdfunding campaign on the Hippo Roller website to raise money for people who struggle with water access.

One team even produced their own video, well done team!

We look forward to seeing if any of our teams make it through to the finals in 2018.

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