January 2013 – Please Join us in London at the WATER FOR THOUGHT exhibition

Water for Thought exhibition in London | First rollers arrive at Rooigrond |

Improving access to clean water


2013 started off in a small but significant way for us when 3x Hippo rollers arrived at the Rooigrond community in South Africa. The rollers have been sponsored by HippoRoller Friends and will be used to provide water to the community’s vegetable gardens.

Visit our HippoRoller Friends page if you would like to get involved on an individual level and make it easier for communities or families to transport water more easily.


The Hippo water roller is part of the upcoming Water for Thought: Life-changing Design exhibition in London, curated for the We Are Water Foundation by leading international designer, Hector Serrano.

International exhibitions continue to provide us with much needed exposure to promote the Hippo water roller.

The exhibition is from 25 January to 23 March at the Roca London Gallery.  Find the full details below. I have also attached a video by the Roca London Gallery.

If you are able to attend, please be so kind to send me your feedback or post it on our Facebook page.

Please share this with anyone you may think will be able to attend the exhibition and/or help to promote it.

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Water for Thought: Life-Changing Design

Preview: Meet the curator, guided tours, 24/01/2013. RSVP: http://goo.gl/YYa8M

Venue: Roca London Gallery Station Court, Townmead Road, London SW6 2PY

Dates: 25th January – 23rd March 2013

Hours: 9am – 5:30pm Monday – Friday / Saturday 11am – 5pm

World Water Day: The theme of the exhibition is based on the concept of Water and Co-operation, a theme chosen by the UN for World Water Day 22/03/2013 to encourage the sustainable management of water resources. 


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Each sponsored Hippo roller is delivered to the participating community within a few days.

Buy a Voucher to co-sponsor a Hippo roller or to help cover the delivery costs of rollers.

Participating communities publish multimedia feedback on the impact of Hippo rollers.


The Hippo Water Roller @ ROCA LONDON GALLERY


Water for Thought: Life-Changing Design

London: 25 JANUARY – 23 MARCH 2013

PHOTO: The Hippo roller at the 2012 Roca exhibition in Barcelona.

The Hippo water roller will be on show at the international exhibition, Water for Thought in London with some of the World’s most innovative product designs for accessing, transporting or purifying water in developing countries.

The Water for Thought exhibition aims to generate awareness of global water problems through a mixture of design, technology and video.

Water for Thought demonstrates how people can use their creativity to create awareness and provide solutions to water-related problems.

Curator Hector Serrano said:
“The exhibition aims to be an inspiration and eye opener for visitors, showing not only the facts, but real and simple approaches to the complex problem of people’s access to fresh drinking water around the Worldâ€.

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