Children in Rooigrond with wheel barrows to carry water containers

January 2013 – Help the Rooigrond community become more self-reliant

The Rooigrond informal settlement area is in the North-West province in South Africa. The community started the Rooigrond Project to become a self-reliant community in which every family can feed itself from its land.

Despite the agricultural skills in the community, water is a major problem and poses a serious challenge to the achievement of the above-mentioned.

  • A water containment system using tanks to capture rain water is a part of this model, as is ensuring that even the most vulnerable (the sickly, elderly and children) in the community too are able to access water.
  • The community has 2 water pumps, which respectively use an engine and generator to pump water, which in turn is collected by residents.
  • These pumps however are quite a distance from some of the homes in the community- which in turn makes it difficult for the most vulnerable in our community to collect as more often than not, pushing a wheelbarrow at such a distance is extremely difficult.