The Hippo roller is a simple and efficient way to collect much more water, much more easily and in less time. The Hippo roller was specifically designed for use in tough rural conditions.

Efficient & Appropriate Technology

  • The Hippo Water Roller carries 90 litres (24 gallons) of water inside a rolling wheel.

    The weight of water – 90L (kg) is borne on the ground making it far easier to move than a 20L (kg) bucket carried on the head.

    Five times the amount of water is rolled in the time it takes to collect one bucket of water.

    A steel clip-on handle allows the drum to be rolled by either pushing or pulling depending on gradients, and the design allows two people to pull the roller up very steep gradients.

    The large opening allows for easy filling and cleaning of the interior. The sealed lid ensures hygienic storage of water.

WHY? People worldwide carry the traditional 20-liter (5-gallon) buckets on their heads every day. The 90L Hippo roller requires far less effort and carries 5x times more water.
WHAT IS IT? The Hippo Water Roller carries 90 litres (24 gallons) of water inside a rolling wheel - the weight of the water is borne on the ground.
HOW DOES IT HELP? The benefit of the Hippo roller is immediate. It saves time, reduces suffering, and improves health and hygiene.
WHAT DO WE DO? The Hippo Water Roller Project distributes sponsored Hippo rollers to rural impoverished communities where access to water is limited.

Support Us

Send a roller directly to someone you know who needs it - we deliver WORLDWIDE.
Sponsor water-stressed communities through the 67.67 Hippo Water Roller Challenge - in support of Mandela Day.


Quality & Durability

Pushing roller over rocky terrain

Maintenance free design

  • Not requiring replacement or consumable parts
  • Designed for tough rural conditions
  • Lifespan of at least 5-7 years
  • Extensive field tests

Design Awards


International Recognition

  • SABS Design for Development
  • INDEX: Design to Improve Life®
  • Design Like You Give a Damn
  • GOOD Magazine
  • Design Revolution

Other Uses

Hippo Water Roller Irrigation Cap

Irrigation & Filter Caps

  • Irrigation cap for small-scale farmers
  • Screw-on water filter for clean water
  • Instant mobile shop for street vendors

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