Evaluation & Feedback

The successful rollout of the Hippo Water Roller Project is increasingly measured not based on quantity alone but by the quality of feedback received from users of the Hippo rollers. 

Our preference is to partner with existing community-based organisations and NGO’s for communication and feedback. 

Logo - Department of Rural Development and Land AffairsThe South African Department of Rural Development and Land Reform (DRDLR) procured and delivered 350 Hippo Water Rollers to 8 selected sites in the Eastern Cape Province. In October 2012 the DRDLR produced the Hippo Water Roller Impact Assessment Report - 8 Selected Sites. 

"Hippo water rollers were well accepted by all the beneficiaries. It is indeed an appropriate innovative technology for most rural areas in South Africa."

Eastern Cape Impact Assessment Report Format: PDF | Size: 4.0 MB | Date: 2012

Sudan boy carrying water containersA shipping container loaded with 175 Hippo Water Rollers, arrived in Maleng-Agok in the South Sudan in April 2010. The Hippo Water Rollers were handed out under the supervision of the Lakes States Minister for Agriculture and Forestry, Eli Magok, along with the local chief and other senior government officials.

In December 2010, we travelled to Rumbek in South Sudan to evaluate what impact the Hippo Water Rollers had made on the community of Maleng-Agok after 8 months of use.

South Sudan Evaluation Report Format: PDF | Size: 4.0 MB | Date: 2010

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