Hippo Water Roller Project: Typical Rollout

Container with Hippo rollers in SudanAll Hippo Water Rollers are manufactured in and shipped from our factory in Johannesburg, South Africa. We distribute worldwide.

Funding is a major factor for the successful implementation of the Hippo Water Roller Project. The major costs are the Hippo roller and shipping due to the volumetric weight and rural location of typical communities.

Fortunately it is a very simple solution to implement and demonstrate to the users requiring minimal project costs.

The project does not require on-going costs once the benefiting community leadership has given a mandate to proceed, and the Hippo rollers have been demonstrated and handed out.

In most cases, the Hippo Water Roller Project partners with NGO’s, Foundations, corporations and governments to provide sponsored Hippo rollers to rural impoverished communities where access to water is limited.

Partners can select communities they wish to support. In some cases local involvement by community leaders or NGO’s may be recommended.

A typical rollout process is as follows:

  • Sponsorship funding is secured and a recipient community is identified.
  • The project is introduced to the benefiting community leadership and a mandate to proceed is obtained.
  • The handover date is set, and on completion of production, the rollers are delivered to the site.
  • At the handover ceremony, community leaders and invited dignitaries address the beneficiaries - Sponsors are encouraged to participate.
  • Rollers are handed over to community and/or household representatives in a predetermined and controlled manner.

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