Corporate Investment

The Hippo Roller is a proven way to fulfil social responsibility objectives

Partner with us and make a difference by helping undeveloped communities improve their access to water for immediate benefits and tangible results.

Download the Hippo Roller Presentation (PDF)

Helping smallholder and informal communities improve access to water, food security and income generation with the Hippo Water Roller and related products is a proven way to fulfil social responsibility objectives.

Our corporate partners and sponsors of the Hippo roller include:

  • Small, medium & large NGO’s and development stakeholders involved in health, water, sanitation, food security and social or small enterprise development
  • Corporate Social Investment CSI/CSR alliances with a focus on assisting communities neighbouring their operations and building public relations with their consumers
  • Governments, local and national, who use the Hippo roller as a tool for areas that lack water supply infrastructure or for disaster management emergencies
  • Financial institutions for microfinancing & community saving societies to enable individuals to purchase directly
  • Branding and advertising campaigns through the inclusion of individual colours and logos for promotions and image building

“The introduction of Hippo rollers in WFP supported primary schools significantly reduced the daily burden on women and children for collection of water …”
– UN-World Food Program

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Hippo Water Roller Project, PO Box 170, Fourways, Gauteng, SOUTH AFRICA
Phone: +27 82 447 1848 Fax: +27 86 689 9961 Email: admin@

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