Thank you Mr Mandela. We will always remember you. Your support for the Hippo Water Roller is deeply appreciated by us all.
The Hippo Water Roller carries 90 litres (24 gallons) of water inside a rolling wheel and the weight of the water is borne on the ground.
The 90L roller requires far less effort from people than carrying the traditional 20-liter (5-gallon) buckets on their heads every day.
The benefit of the Hippo roller is immediate. It saves time, reduces suffering, and improves health and hygiene.
The Hippo Water Roller Project distributes sponsored Hippo rollers to rural impoverished communities where access to water is limited.
It provides a great marketing opportunity in the rural areas and good ROI and includes branding of the units in the sponsor's colours.

Hippo Water Roller logoUN world water day 2014The main event of World Water Day 2014 will take place in Tokyo, Japan on 20-21 March where the UN World Water Development Report will be launched and the UN-Water "Water for Life" Best Practices Award will be given. The winner of the Stockholm Water Prize will also be announced.  


The Hippo Water Roller is a revolutionary way of carrying 90 litres (24 gallons) of water inside a rolling wheel.
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Explained in 3 minutes

Grant Gibbs explains the design, its manufacturing, and other uses e.g. irrigation, trading, emergency kit. (KykNet, 2013)


Why should millions of women and children struggle to get water to their homes every single day of their lives?
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No Water Today

"No water today" is a school play that was performed in at a Hippo roller handover near the Kruger Park in South Africa. (2012)


The Hippo Water Roller is distributed to rural impoverished communities with limited access to water.
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Women's Day Race

Celebrating Women's Day 2013 at Pretoria Botanical Gardens. We hosted a few races using standard buckets and pink rollers.

Will your organisation help?

  1. Opportunity

    A great marketing opportunity in the rural areas and good ROI
  2. Sponsorship

    Branding: Color coding & logos on screw caps
  3. Responsible CSI

    Benefit to the community is immediate and measurable

Millions are desperate for your support!

Massive Global Need

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Community Reports

  • Tembe, KwaZulu-Natal: Nedbank & Wildlands Conservation Trust, November 2013 +

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